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10 Coins Under 10 Cents With High Potential

We’re slowly progressing towards the end of 2018, a year in which the bears have controlled the market. Even though we still have a few months before the year marked by crypto price drama is finally over, it’s fair to say that a lot of investor got rekt.

However, small investments can still buy you sizeable token holdings if you buy into projects that have either issued large numbers of tokens or been destroyed by the market, or both.

Holding 10,000 tokens just feels a lot better than 0.06 of a coin, and therefore we’ve compiled a list of cryptocurrencies that still have a lot of potential, and of which the price has fallen below a tenth of a dollar, so you can still show off your “something like Bitcoin” cryptocurrency holdings to your next date.

Project statistics were correct at the time of writing. The presented figures for each token are subject to their own volatility and that of the market as a whole, so be sure to check the up-to-date prices. And remember to…

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